YouTube has just announced a new update that makes it easy to pair your smartphone with a Google TV. This is designed to create a seamless experience where users can select a YouTube video on their phone and be watching it on their TV in a matter of seconds. It essentially turns your Android smartphone into a YouTube remote control for watching videos.

With this update, you can pause, scroll, and skip videos from your phone while you watch Gangnam Style over and over again. You can use your phone to find the next video without breaking the stride of your current video. This should make watching YouTube on your TV much more pleasant.

Another pretty slick thing this update adds is the ability to connect multiple devices so your friends can add videos to the upcoming playlist. This lets everyone get in on the action, and could make for some interesting times. Everyone with an Android device can add their preferences, which should make things pretty fun.

YouTube says it plans to add this feature to more devices going forward, so this seems to be only the beginning for this awesome feature. Google tried to work out something like this with the Nexus Q, but it did not take off. Hopefully, users not needing to purchase a special device to make this happen will cause the feature to take off more this time. Time will tell if this feature is a success for YouTube or a feature that falls by the wayside.