Ask any parent or babysitter what their go to weapon is when kids are too restless or they need a little peace and quiet for themselves, and probably YouTube will figure in their top 5 answers. But we are also aware of the dangers the video sharing network can pose to the young ones, that is why they came up with the YouTube Kids app that came out two years ago. But it was only available for Android smartphones and tablets. Now you can let them watch on a bigger screen as Google has launched the YouTube Kids TV app for your Android TVs.

If you’re not yet familiar with what YouTube Kids is, it basically gives an intuitive and easier way for kids to watch content from YouTube that is specifically for them. It also gives parents or whoever is minding the child better controls over what the kids will watch. The videos in the app are divided into four sections: Shows, Music, Learning, and Explore. It also has big buttons, side-scrolling features, as well as an instant full screen without having to tap anything.

The settings of the app are in a grown-ups only section where you have to type in a code they will give you that assumes the kid cannot read yet. You can set a timer which will lock the device once it is up, as well as turn off search. However some features like content blocking and YouTube Red are not yet available in this iteration of the app.

You can download YouTube Kids TV on the Google Play Store and install it on your Android TV. Problem solved for that playdate break time you need.


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