The YouTube Kids app has been around for over three years now. It’s been a big help to parents but it’s not without any problems and issues. It was once updated with Chromecast support and custom passcode, better parental controls, YouTube Red integration, more original content for the family audience, kids profiles, and a new algorithm. The app has since been made safer with human curation, killing of inappropriate content, and flagging of age-restricted videos before reaching the Kids app.

Both kids and parents are entertained by the kids app all while giving security and peace of mind to the adults. The next update will include three options in the YouTube Kids app: Parent approved content, collections by trusted partners and YouTube Kids, and improved search-off control.

It’s important that parents know what the children are watching are not explicit and are age-appropriate. Parents can soon handpick videos and channels for the future. If you don’t want the hassle of selection, there are collections on different subjects prepared by YouTube’s reliable partners.

Search-off control in YouTube Kids will no longer include recommendations from other YouTube Kids sources but will only be limited to those YouTube Kids team-verified. Parents are also given a chance to flag and block videos that they know should not be in the app. Hopefully, all these efforts will make YouTube Kids better.

SOURCE: YouTube Official Blog