YouTube is still the top video sharing network. People and brands may be using Facebook Live for streaming videos but YouTube offers the same service. It’s even better because it can support live 360-degree videos. We know there are many vloggers who prefer YouTube because of the wider reach, engagement, and possible revenue. It has almost everything what this generation needs when it comes to social media sharing.

YouTube is introducing mobile live streaming to creators who have over 10,000 subscribers. This feature brings vloggers more power to share their lives to everyone in the world. If you are talented creator, feel free to creatively share your thoughts with the mobile live streaming function right on YouTube mobile app.

It’s easy to do a live stream. Just click on capture and you’re instantly live and viewable to your subscribers. The live videos can be searched for, placed in a playlist, and recommended like any regular video. It’s simply another kind of video and don’t worry as it is still fast and easy to share. Live chat is also available but it is too fast in receiving messages. Depending on one’s Internet connection and device, streaming quality can be different.

YouTube is also introducing Super Chat as one way for the video bloggers to cash in on the incoming messages. This Super Chat brings subscribers in over 40 countries and creators in 20 countries the right to be on the “front-row seat” of watchers. The idea is that their chat messages will be highlighted so the creator can easily see them. This way, the creators can quickly and easily distinguish them from the “crowd”.

SOURCE: Official YouTube Blog