Watching videos online have become an important and most of the time enjoyable part of our lives. But some countries like India where Internet connectivity is still a huge problem do not get to enjoy the “full benefits” of things like this. Google previously said that they will be releasing a low-data-usage version of the YouTube app and now finally, the day has come when the beta version is available in India through the Google Play Store.

The plan to launch YouTube Go was announced back in September 2016, and now early adapters in India can start testing out the app already. It is a low-bandwidth version of the YouTube app for those who are data-conscious or those who don’t have access to stable Internet connection, whether WiFi or data. You can choose to download or stream your video and you can even preview it without doing either just to see if it’s worth watching. You can also choose how many MBs you can spend watching videos on your limited connectivity.

You can share videos to your nearby friends and it would only “cost” them a quick 15KB internet security check so you can allow the video to be played without using any data. If you currently have good connection but will eventually lose that one, you can download videos instead of watching through streaming. This way you can watch them anytime even without connection and without it buffering every few seconds.

YouTube Go is still “unreleased” as stated on its Google Play page but it is already available for beta testing in India. As to whether this app will be available elsewhere when it becomes live, it’s still unclear at the moment.