Even before those video streaming services entered the mobile world, there’s YouTube already serving millions of people a wide array of videos in different categories. It remains to be the top video sharing site and its app is probably one of the most frequently used apps in your phone or tablet. Google recently updated the YouTube app for both iOS and Android so don’t be surprised if you see several changes the next time you open it.

The changes are mainly on the Home interface. You’ll see more relevant recommendations based on your viewing history. They are personalized so you can discover more videos YouTube thinks you will like. As well all know, Google has been working hard to improve recommendations and search algorithm. It has started to tap into neural technology with the help of Movidius to hopefully bring ‘deep learning’ to mobile devices. With this new development, a mobile device will be able to recognize patterns and base recommendations on them. If you follow your favorite YouTubers or subscribe to different creators, you will also see them on the recommendations list.

Google is not removing the ads showing up on YouTube for the simple reason that they are cash cows. The company just introduced Bumper ads. It’s a six-second video format that can be sold through the AdWords auction. It’s on a CPM basis so those people who’ve been making money on YouTube can even make more. They may still annoy viewers but at least the ads are only six seconds.

Bumper Ads is a new format that has been tested and is believed to work better because of recall and length. It may not concern the viewers much but this video format improves the metrics on consideration, awareness, and recall. Google noted that it also works to improve frequency and drive more reach. It’s also believed to be more effective with a TrueView campaign.

The six seconds are very much welcome but note that they are “unskippable”. You won’t see the ‘Skip Ad’ link so you really have to be patient and just watch once a Bumper ad pops up on your screen.

SOURCE: Official YouTube Blog, Inside AdWords