For the gaming-obsessed folks, the arrival of the YouTube Gaming app was pretty cool as it allowed them to keep in touch with fellow gamers, see live streams, get tips on how to play some games, read game reviews, and all other gaming-related things that gamers like to do (aside from playing games of course). The latest update to the app seems a bit minor as it only involves what the chatbox looks like, plus a new Easter Egg. But still, an update is an update of course.

Basically, the chat UI has been completely redesigned so that it will be easier for you to see what everybody else is saying, especially if you choose to use the overlay mode. But if you get easily distracted by that, you can always move the chats to below the screen so it will not interfere with your viewing. If you want to see and read it, just click on the chat bar and it will come up with a cute animation. It will hide the Details and Suggested portions while the Chat is up there on the screen.


As for the easter egg, it has become a “tradition” with YouTube Gaming that they feature those popular gaming franchises. For this update, the chosen letter is H and so of course, they had to go with Half-Life. Games that have the name will have the special orange branding as well as the Lambda symbol.

You can update the YouTube Gaming app to version 1.7 by going to the Google Play page. These are minor new features of course, but anything to help you enjoy the app more is fine by us.

VIA: Phandroid


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