If you still haven’t gotten the hang of YouTube Gaming, you should try now and let out the gamer geek in you. We know it’s just somewhere inside of you hiding. But for whatever reason you’ve left your old gamer life, you can still have a comeback with YouTube Gaming. It should be fun now with YouTube although it’s not as exciting as the good ol’ days. In a few months that it’s out and being tested, this service has been updated a few times.

The YouTube developers already enabled Mobile Capture so gamers like you can capture your mobile gameplay and live stream to everyone who wants to watch around the world. It allows you to easily connect with other gamers via the Android app and the website. For those who are feeling generous and want to reward some of the best and most entertaining gamers, you are free to give them some money with the Sponsorship program. It’s still in beta but you can send your favorite gamers a few dollars. Show your support and back them up. Who knows, you may even be given access to exclusive chat sessions with the game creator or other avid gamers. Don’t be surprised if you see a live chat badge on your screen because it’s just one of the many perks.

Google wants more people to enjoy YouTube Gaming so those in Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand can now download the app both on iOS and Android. The tech giant will be adding more countries soon so expect more exciting times ahead.

The YouTube Gaming app was also recently updated following the requests and feedback of the gamers. Some of the changes are noticeable on the homepage navigation including the removal of sidebars. More pages have been added to the game and channel browsing for easier management of games and channels. You can easily view new games, channels, and gamers. There’s also the “Live” tab on the homepage that features the top streams, games, and channels.

On Android, you can take advantage of the YouTube Gaming player that can pop-out on your screen. The Android live stream player was also recently updated to support DVR mode, 60fps playback, plus quality switching.