YouTube is now launching a dedicated meta channel – that is, a collection of channels – that is all about gaming and gamers. It’s called “YouTube Gaming” and it features over 25,000 game-related pages which include device manufacturers, gaming accessory makers, and game developers. It will also include the even more numerous gaming-related channels in YouTube.

You can access this new feature two ways – over your browser, or over a dedicated YouTube Gaming app. This app will be out for Android in the next few hours, and to iOS devices as well. The web browser feature is the most optimized for now – access it via


The web app or mobile app will give you gaming videos and content as it pulls in all related videos from all over YouTube. You also get personalized recommendations based on the game content you view, follow, or like. Only the web browser app – for now – has the “Go Live” feature; that is, stream you’re the game you are playing on your desktop to the world. Of course, you can alternatively upload a video as well.


The YouTube Gaming app will feature videos, quite in the same layout as your current YouTube app does. It also has that small playing video slot on the lower right spot of your screen. The app does not have the “Go Live” feature at the moment, but we hope, pretty soon it will have that.




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