There are millions of people viewing millions of videos everyday on YouTube but there thousands l of special people who constantly upload the content that we fanatically view and manage the channels that we frequent. While the plain YouTube app is decent enough for uploading, viewing and searching for videos, channel managers and creators need something more special for their mobile needs. As promised, Google has released a YouTube Creator Studio app specifically for them.

This app lets you view your stats (because there is always an urge to check how many people have viewed your latest upload), scroll through and respond to comments (but if you love your sanity, you really wouldn’t want to do that), and customize your push notifications (so you don’t need to get alerts every time someone thumbs up or down your video). It will also give you the ability to edit your videos’ details and settings, for times when you notice your title or description isn’t really getting the hits you want.

During the announcement of the app at the VidCon on Thursday, YouTube also announced several new features they’re launching, including a fun funding channel, their version of Kickstarter for channels and creators. Just like other crowd funding services, fans will be able to contribute money to those channels or projects that they believe in or want to help out. For now, the feature is only available on desktop but will also soon come to Android. Creators can already sign up to test it out on their channels.

Another new feature is giving the fans the ability to suggest and contribute foreign language subtitles to your videos, based on the subtitles that you’ve uploaded. Of course not all your viewers speak English or your native language and some are aurally impaired so this is a good feature to have if you want to reach an international and more diverse audience.

Download the YouTube Creator Studio on Google Play Store