For those who have made hobbies and careers out of their YouTube channels, the Creator Studio app is probably an essential part of your mobile routine, as it allows you to create and upload from your mobile device. But now Google is bringing it one step up they have now refreshed the app and renamed it YouTube Studio, so there will be no mistaking its branding. The update includes new features like scheduled posts and subscriber count card, as well as enhancing previous features available.

Being able to schedule your posts during the best time when your subscribers are up and about is a necessary tool that social media community managers and creators need. Now you can do so with the YouTube Studio app, as it lets you pick the date, time, and whether you want it public, unlisted, or private. And if you’re one of those that is always excited to see how many subscribers they already have, you will now see a subscriber count card at the top of your dashboard, just like with the desktop version.

The update also builds on previously available features, like the on-the-go insights that are now actionable. When something “significant” happens on your channel, you will get a notification as well as tips on how to make the most out of it. These analytics insights cards will help you grow your subscriber base as well as keep them engaged. You can also now upload your custom thumbnails, which is sometimes the first impression people have of you, from the mobile app.

If you have the Creator app already, just update it and you’ll get the renamed and revamped YouTube Studio. If you haven’t started on your YouTube careers yet, now may be a good time to start.

SOURCE: Google


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