There’s no doubt that YouTube has become a big game-changer in the whole cyberworld. The Internet has served a lot of people and with YouTube as the top video sharing site, the company is expected to continue to be a place where people can willingly exchange ideas and share their creativities to the world. For avid YouTubers, they have made the website or their own channels into sub-communities.

YouTube has recently announced a new product called YouTube Community. It’s just a tab on your channel that you can use to engage with your viewers with more efficiency. It’s a simple tool to help “express yourself beyond video” according to the YouTube devs. By that we mean more than just text comments. People can now leave images, live videos, and animated GIFs so the discussions are more fun and alive than ever.

You know how it’s more fun to comment with stickers and GIFs instead of the plain, old text or thumbs up. With animations, you can freely say what you want to say. No one’s stopping you but promise not to be an Internet troll.

YouTube Community is still in beta mode but Google has worked with several content creators like John & Hank Green, The Game Theorists, Lilly Singh, VSauce3, Sam Tsui, and Threadbanger among others to develop this new product. The main goal is better engagement with fans.

SOURCE: YouTube Creator Blog


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