YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim doesn’t like the new Google+/YouTube commenting system. In fact, he’s pretty upset about it. On his YouTube page, Karim left a quick note, questioning the new direction by Google.

Posting “why the f—- do I need a google+ account to comment on a video?” (our censorship, not his), Karim echoes some of the frustration being lobbed either way. On one hand, Google+ users have grown weary of the often racist, sexual remarks forced on them. Simply sharing a video adds a comment to the YouTube stream, where the normal YouTube hate parade can take effect. By responding to your share, those comments can end up in your stream on Google+.

The disillusionment also goes both ways. YouTube commenters are frustrated with the need for a Google+ account, and Google+ users are unhappy with the insults, with many vowing to monitor their shares and comments closely. This has prompted some commenters to stop using the YouTube comments section altogether. Rather than having a Google+ account forced on them, or be censored by those who already have one, they choose to go elsewhere.


It’s another in a long line of Google’s efforts to make Google+ noticeable. They’ve already given each Gmail user an account, and have effectively rolled Zagat into the mix as well. A new Maps widget for Android allows you to share your location with a circle of people, almost begging you to join and bring others with you.

Google has long been championing their social media platform as one which can unify their services, and bring stability to the fold. Once a company of spare parts and spring cleaning (we still miss Reader), Google now wants to act as a well oiled machine. At least one user — who Google made very rich when they purchased the service for $1.65 billion — is unhappy. Unfortunately, he speaks for many.


  1. I,m really happy with the new comment,s system. Now I can do much more things! I was waiting a long time algo for this integration. 🙂

    • Something tells me you weren’t a significant video uploader on YouTube but a mere casual commenter who spends too much time on social networking sites in general. The more supportive I’ve seen people are, the more they are on the “end user” side of the spectrum as the more put-off people are with the whole Google+ takeover the more I’ve found them to be on the creative, involved, contributing end of the spectrum.
      YouTube is eventually going to be a mere corner of Google+, in name only (perhaps not even that eventually), and everyone that came to YouTube for an entirely different reason (creators and shallow viewers alike) will find themselves all sheep-herded into a different pasture, repurposed without their consent or complaint, and wonder how they even got there.
      If you’re delighted about that, you must think very little about how you’ve been corralled, so long as you enjoy the carrot they’re holding out on the end of the stick.

  2. The threaded system is awesome… Now I just wist Google could merge G+ with youtube completely! Youtube act like a retarded social network where you can post only a video on your wall. Time for Google to clean that up! And Jawed your a bom!

    • When you describe YouTube as a social network at all, good or bad, you only reveal you share the same wrongful view of YouTube’s original purpose square-one, and just because it’s been slowly dissolving since the day it was consumed by Google doesn’t mean it never existed. YouTube was an ad-free video sharing site with an uncomplicated, no-strings-attached, secondary comment function. If that was so lame, why did Google want it so bad? It’s not because of the site itself, obviously. Google wanted it’s loyal, then-happy community to (here’s the important part) slowly REDIRECT them into their fold and unrelated purposes.
      The details about how great Google+ is and/or can be is a separate issue, and those of us who never were enticed to conform with it and miss YouTube’s original format not only can see that more clearly, and are more annoyed, they have a right to be.

      • How many years now have I had my YouTube account, and in ONE DAY I’m ready to delete it, (already switched all my uploads to private). Nice going, Google!

  3. A question for everyone who likes the new comment system and google plus integration.
    Do you regularly upload videos and like to comment? Didn’t think so!

    • I personnaly don’t upload but I like to comment. I always found it odd that it’s not easier to see who replied to you (just got a notif now because jedicharles reply to me). Also i like to read comments and was often going in the ‘see all comment’ and click on ‘show as thread (beta)’ to correctly see the discussions… Now it’s default: what’s wrong with it other that having to set a G+ account (witch I can understand).

      What do you don’t like?

      • There are a few other problems, besides the integration in my opinion.

        The fact that each comment has a monstrously large word limit is a spammers dream, along with “top comments” STAYING at the very top of the feed, not cycled depending on rate of likes, and always first to be seen.

        It’s also frustrating that they’ve given the ability to disable replies on comments, as well as having “flag for spam” and the option to see how many “thumbs up” AND “thumbs down” removed. This means that any asshole/troll/spammer can post a comment, disable replies to eliminate criticism, and nobody will know how many people disagree with the comment, especially if they use a spam-bot to give it a crap tonne of likes. And it can’t even be flagged anymore without submitting a formal report to YouTube to “have the comment reviewed”.

        It’s a bit of an issue of freedom of speech, and censorship to an extent. If you want to put your opinion out there on a public forum, people should unquestionably be allowed to reply and give criticism, and others should be able to properly see such feedback (like being able to see the likes and dislikes on a comment, seriously, why remove that feature).

        If you can’t handle being criticised or insulted for the things you say, then you shouldn’t be commenting in the first place. This new system simply panders to the people who are “fed up with insults” that are usually flagged and downvoted anyway, and steps on the voice and criticism of others in the process.

      • I got ban because expresed my opinion on guns control. I realized the channel owner was doing a complete sencership because all comments was on the same side… That was obvious! I am totally against those options. I am pkay with desabing comment thow. But not block and ban people!

  4. ONE of the worst things is that Google thinks I’m so stupid as to believe the story that they are forcing g+ accounts on users to clean up the comments. Legitimate users will probably decline to comment if they don’t want their name on everything they write, and trolls will just use a fake name with g+ to troll on.

    Face it Googe, you have a lot of winning ideas, but Facebook is THE social networking site out there. If I don’t want to belong to Facebook I sure as heck don’t want to belong to g+

  5. Honestly I have avoided G+ like the plaque. They eventually forced it on me before this, because I had a Gmail account. They completely royally screwed Gmail too, but I’m content with it because Outlook is confusing even for a 19 year old who knows a thing or 2 about computers. Don’t even get me started on Hotmail, my account mysteriously disappeared after the merge with Outlook.

    I don’t know if I’m missing something but I actually liked replying to people on YouTube. Welp looks like Google doesn’t want that happening.

  6. They’ve been more than just “championing” it, they been coercing people to use it when all they want is to use YouTube, or maybe comment on a blog. So many things now run you into a corner of having to sign up for a G+ account, which I and so many others do not want. When Facebook was trying to set itself from MySpace, it added new features to make it more fun and attract new users. So, it made itself more interesting, and got new subscribers by appealing to people rather than using coercion. People are well entrenched into Facebook as their main social media site for friends and family. Instead of finding a different niche or setting itself apart in a positive way, G+ has already gained itself a bad reputation. I will never participate in it and hope it dies. DIES!

  7. He’s right.
    In fact, I still don’t understand why I need a google plus account for commenting on apps, and also show it to the entire world instead of just the developers.

    • I can answer this.
      You are in fact not commenting on apps. You are reviewing them and the point of this is to help other users by rating an describing the app.
      If you want to contact the developer, there is an “email developer”-option on Google Play.

      • How would showing my name and details help other users with my rating?
        They can already know that in order for me to review/comment on the app, I had to have a gmail account. Why would other users care about my google+ account?

  8. We, Google’s users are NOT THE CUSTOMERS, The companies paying google to advertise their stuff to us, are Google’s customers. WE ARE THE PRODUCT Google is selling to advertisement companies.

  9. As YouTube is owned by Google, it’s Google’s right to implement such changes as they see fit. People will either get used to it or they won’t.

      • That’s exactly what I did. I changed all my email accounts to other services and have not commented on a youtube video or logged in to youtube since the comment section was changed last month. And “their” product is made to be used by US, the users, not them you moron. Piss off enough users like they have me, and sooner or later they’ll lose market share to another service that understands this simple concept.

      • I’m ok with them losing a few legit users, as long as it cuts down on the racism, sexism and homophobia that was prevalent before the change. I’m sure they are too.

  10. Strongly dislike the new comments system…very difficult to reply, many of the top comments are mere trolls as top comments are now decided mostly by how many replies a comment gets, etc. Bad stuff, fix it.

  11. I haven’t commented on YouTube since they tried to force me to have a Google+ account about 4 or 5 days ago. I won’t comment at all because I can’t because I won’t accept, and am maybe a day away from deleting my account. It’s my 175 favorite videos that bothers me about it; not being able to go back and enjoy the collection from over a period of 5+ years that I love so much–they’ll all be gone because of their brute force enforcement of their new system. I’ll only make a new account, agree to their terms, with a fake name and email I don’t care for, to then be able to comment. I don’t want my real name displayed, I don’t want a Google+ account, I don’t want my YouTube account linked to any emails I care for, so why can’t they just get that? I also don’t like connecting all my Gmail accounts to me, so my throw away accounts are connected to my job search accounts etc–no, fuck you Google, I’ll go back to using Yahoo!.

  12. The new comment system is absolute dog shit, why does youtube feel the need to change so often? Have you ever heard the expression ”if it’s not broken then don’t fix it?” That pretty much sums youtube up, constantly changing their layout as if they want to piss people off on purpose. Fuck you goggle plus, just fuck you up the fucking arse ya bunch of pansies with your hands down your pants changing everything all the fucking time when it’s already in good condition.

  13. I am a Partner on YouTube and I can’t make comments on any of my videos!?! I have created and linked with a google+ account, yet still I can’t!?! I have been asking for help and no reply from partner support!?! This google youtube site has officially cast me too the side it appears after almost 8 years of putting my blood sweat and tears into my art! I can’t keep banging my head against the wall trying too deal with a place filled with walking zombies I am out of here, so TAMMpON is officially dead! PeaceouTy

  14. To everyone complaining:

    YouTube is a service that Google owns, and provides to you for free. Before the change, it was a cesspool of racism, bigotry, homophobia and sexism. This is meant to start to change that. Don’t like it? Go use Vimeo.

    • Its still full of that. As long as there is a comments section there will be that. Its called deal with it and raise you kids better. Has nothing to do with the system. It has to do with people. You can’t change people. PS no one uses their real name anyways on YouTube or google+. I have seen dozens of pewdiepie imitators. Cause its okay to have the same name as another person now in the comments.


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