If you feel like you’re running out of content to watch on YouTube or you feel like you keep watching the same creators and videos over and over again, the video platform is now rolling out a tool to help you out. The “New to you” tab is now showing up on the homepage of the mobile, desktop, and even TV devices. This new feature is meant to serve you new creators and content apart from the Explore section and the recommended videos that you already get.

The videos in the Explore section lets you easily fund content for specific topics, for example, movies, gaming, cooking, etc. But the results are not that personalized based on your previous viewing history or the channels you already follow. This new “New to you” tab will try to do a balancing act between showing you content that the algorithm thinks you will be interested in and also showing you videos that you may not normally see in your feed.

On your mobile app, you’ll see the tab in the topi bar or when you refresh the YouTube homepage, alongside the explore button and beside other tabs at the top of the app, just under the search section. You may also see the prompt as you scroll through your video feed. You may also see some questions on your feed asking you if a video is relevant to you, so you can help the algorithm learn more about what you find interesting and what to recommend or not recommend to you.

You will of course need to sign in to your YouTube account to be able to see this feature. But since it is a personalized tool, you may not always see it during this initial phase if it doesn’t have anything to show you. Bringing content and videos to people’s attention can help creators to reach new audiences that may not normally discover them but may be interested in the topics they normally post about.

You can access the “New to you” feature on your smartphone, tablet, desktop, or even on your smart TV. It may not show up for all devices just yet but it should be there in at least one of those. Enjoy exploring more videos and channels in the YouTube blackhole.


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