YouTube Bedtime Reminder

In an effort to help millions of people all over the world, Google regularly makes announcements of updates and new products and services. In the recent past, the tech giant added more augmented reality objects to Google Search. Results also now display more details about the app on the Play Store so searching is more efficient. The Google Maps app has been updated as well to let you see restaurants with take-out and delivery. Other related updates include the Google News bringing localized and organized COVID-19 information and Hangouts Meet being rebranded to Google Meet.

Google has introduced important changes. The brand has also been affected by the pandemic but it strives to be focused on the important things. When it comes to managing your time and online consumption, Google is bringing bedtime reminders.

Now, this is something we really need. In this season of lockdown when time flies so fast, it is important that we manage our time. YouTube already has a related feature launched in 2018. Oftentimes, YouTube tells you you’ve been spending too much time on the app and maybe it’s time to take a break.

The latest update brings features and tools that will help manage your sleep schedule. You can be reminded now to go to bed. Reminders and alarm may be useful but this one is more efficient. When you watch YouTube, go to Settings to set start-end times. You can set if you want to interrupt a video to be sure you are reminded. You may also set time or dismiss/snooze a reminder.

Google values our digital wellbeing so it’s adding new features like the ‘Time watched profile’. Check your profile to see how you spend your time on YouTube. There is also the ‘Take a break reminder’ to remind you to take a break.

The ‘Scheduled notification digest’ includes daily push notifications. All push notifications can be found here. You can also now easily ‘disable notification sounds and vibrations’ on the Youtube app if you wish.