We’re not certain about this one yet but the YouTube app for Android may be receiving a new update. That is according to sources who said that the YouTube team is preparing to release some changes, at least, in the UI part. We’ve actually heard about this before so expect to see a new UI for the video descriptions and comments. Changes may roll out in the next few weeks or so but let’s wait for Google’s official announcement first.

Actually, the YouTube devs may choose to release the update silently just wait and see. We’ll keep track of it. So far, we know the updated YouTube will move the navigation bar to the bottom. From its previous top position, it will be moved to the lower part so don’t be surprised if you can’t see the nav bar on top. It’s still there, down at the bottom.

Aside from the relocation, the red background plus white tab indicator of the bar has been changed. It’s now reversed—white background with red indicator. Nothing has changed on the order of the buttons.

We can’t tell yet if the new comments UI and ‘Shared’ tab are already included. However, don’t expect the ‘Shared’ tab if you don’t have it previously. We’re guessing you need to update first before you can get the latest update–if and when it’s ready.

VIA: Android Police