YouTube has become not just a video sharing network anymore, although it still continues to be the top one when it comes to that. But now, there are so many creators on the network, whether it’s a musical artist or a make-up reviewer or even independent filmmakers. And Google has continued to encourage more and more creators to go into it, and that includes providing more tools and features for them to engage with their commenters and fans.

The new comment features are pretty useful, especially for those who are trying to develop a virtually closer relationship with their fans. You will now be able to pin a comment to the top, so you can choose a comment of the week or fan of the week and put their comment on a more visible place. You can also heart your favorite comments now, which is sort of a like button, except prettier because you know, hearts. And if you reply to a comment , your username will have a pop of color around it so your fans can easily see if a comment or reaction is coming from you.

An upcoming beta feature for YouTube is for creators to hold potentially inappropriate comments until you can review them. It is an opt-in feature and whether or not a comment will be on hold will depend on the algorithm that Google uses. The final decision whether to approve, hide, or report the comments will be up to you, since the algorithms will probably not always be that accurate. The more you review things, the more the system will take these decisions into consideration later on.

There are already existing tools that YouTube previously added, like assigning moderators to help you check the comments on your videos and also listing certain words and phrases that will be blacklisted. If you’re a YouTube creator, let us know what you think of these new features.