The fact that the Your Phone app lets you view your phone’s photos on your Windows 10 computer is actually a pretty good reason to install the app, among other things. Unfortunately, on launch, it only allowed you to see your 25 most recent photos, which in this day and age, is probably just your last two hours. Good thing that Microsoft has realized we are all photo hoarders as they will now let you see your most recent 2,000 photos.

The feature was actually previously available for Windows Insiders users as they were doing A/B testing for it. They probably got enough good feedback that they’re now rolling it out for all users, to the delight of mobile photographers and frequent selfie-takers everywhere. Previously, their reason was “to minimize network bandwidth and maximize performance”, at least according to the troubleshooting page.

Well, they may have finally solved that problem with this newest update. Not only will you be able to view it, but you will be able to “interact” with it as well. Kinda. You will not be able to delete photos from the app on the desktop as it will only create copies of it on your computer and will be stored as temporary files. But when you delete that file, it will not affect the original photo on your phone.

Just like previously, you will only be able to view and interact with the photos on the Camera Roll or Screenshots folder on your Android smartphone. So if you move a photo to any of your folders, it will not show up on the Your Phone app on your PC. There’s not a lot you can do right now but at least they’ve extended it from 25 to 2,000 and that’s a huge leap.

The Your Phone app lets you mirror your Android smartphone to your Windows 10 computer and do things like make phone calls, answer SMS, view files, etc. It’s still not as robust yet as compared to the integration of an iPhone or a Mac but hopefully, it will eventually get there.