Microsoft’s Your Phone app is fast becoming a pretty useful app for those users that have Android smartphones and a Windows 10 PC and want the two to work together. Users are currently able to reply to text messages, make calls from the PC, and mirror the screen onto the monitor. Now it looks like they will be bringing even more features in an upcoming update to further integrate the two devices and operating systems you may be using.

According to Windows Latest, they were able to spot these new features on the latest build of the Your Phone app. There are “multiple mentions” of something that would enable you to easily transfer content from one device to another. The codebase showed references to ‘SharedContentPhotos,’ ‘ContentTransferCopyPaste’, and ‘ContentTransferDragDrop’. All of these look like content transfer options although how they will work aren’t indicated yet.

They were able to enable the Content Transfer option but it doesn’t seem to be working just yet. After enabling the Content Transfer flags, they saw the cross-device copy and paste options in the Your Phone app. But it seems to still be just there but doesn’t do anything yet even when enabled. The description just indicates that “some metadata will be transferred between devices” whenever content is copied on your phone or PC.

There are already third-party apps that lets you transfer files between your phone and computer, like Microsoft’s own OneDrive cloud storage service. But this upcoming feature will probably let you do that in a more seamless and integrated fashion. We’ll find out more how it should work over the next few weeks. But for now, there are a lot of other features within the app that you can use so you can work on both your phone and your computer.

Microsoft has been improving not just the Your Phone app but also other apps that are building on integration. This includes Microsoft Launcher, Link to Windows, and soon, we might even get an Android dual-screen device this year.