Just to be clear, we’re not yet at that point where we can go “Alexa, have my car ready at the front door in 5 minutes.” But with the integration of Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa into Mercedes-Benz, there are some neat new tricks that you can do from the comfort of your office or living room for your German-made luxury car.

Google Home and Alexa are now supported by the “Mercedes me” car system. So without opening up the Mercedes me app, you can now go “Ok Google, tell Mercedes me to start my car.” You can do this from Alexa as well. You can also ask “Alexa, tell Mercedes me to lock the car” so you can stop being paranoid if you forgot to lock your car or not.

You can also program your trips from your living room. “Alexa, ask Mercedes me to send an address to the car” will program the car’s navigation by voice. You can also ask for points-of-interest to be set as destinations. Pretty cool, huh?

The compatibility starts today, with both the Amazon Echo and Google Home. The requirement, for now, is a 2016 or 2017 model Mercedes vehicle. You also need an active Mercedes me account and an active mbrace subscription. These features are currently usable only in the US, but Mercedes says that it will roll out the feature later this year in Europe.

VIA: SlashGear


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