What do you think of that? Sound reasonable to you? Tomorrow there’s going to be a mainly Android Honeycomb-based event hosted by Google, (and we’re gonna be there,) and inside sources are saying that included in this event is going to be an announcement that Google’s Android Market’s music library is now open for browsing and purchasing. The iTunes killer. Maybe not, but if anyone could do it, Google could. In addition to this, instant downloads Over The Air to your Android device, both for apps and for music.

Sources speaking with Android and Me that’ve apparently provided accurate info on Sprint in the past is now confirming the idea that tomorrow’s announcements will include a web-based Android Marketplace “on par with that of the Apple App Store or even better.”

Along these lines also is a keynote speech by Vic Gundorta at 2010’s Google I/O conference in which he shows this online Android Marketplace, the ability to hit download to have it sent directly to your Android handheld device, and the music market. In this speech he notes that they’ve joined forces with Simplified Media and not only will be introducing music downloads directly to your phone, but your entire music library (of non-DRM music) in the cloud, able to be played from any of your Android devices.

Take a look at a video of the segment where Gundorta mentions music here:

Think this is part of the event tomorrow? Stick with us as we reveal all of Google and Androids 3.0 secrets and beyond as we’ll be right there live at the event sending you everything we’ve got.

Be there!



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