If you’re getting annoyed by what you see on Google Maps whenever you use it, then this good news is for you: Google is ditching the feature after receiving backlash from many people. Well, most of the Android community may not know about it because it was only a test feature for iPhone users. Apparently, a mini calorie counter was available whenever you check the walking directions that show how many calories you could burn.

To make things more interesting and real, Google would show the number of cupcakes you would burn if you walk instead. That’s somewhat effective especially if you like cupcakes but really need to go on a diet and do exercise. Some people may appreciate it but there are those who think it is very judgmental.

Others are shaming people who eat cupcakes is not cool and this may trigger those who actually have eating disorders. That or it will be bad for the cupcake business. Then again, many people love to eat cupcakes, not thinking about calories.

Google already confirmed that it’s removing the feature. It was supposed to encourage health and fitness but those with a sweet tooth don’t want to feel judged.

VIA: Buzzfeed