The top selling productivity and business application in the Android Market is turning over to version 3.0, now with a redesigned user interface, Google Docs support, enhanced file browser, a new desktop app for two-way file support sync, improved viewer edition, and more. Just announced today at their headquarters in Milford, CT, DataVis presents Documents To Go 3.0, available through It’s been one of the top selling productivity applications as a payed app for a reason, as it’s free “view only” version continues to be a top download as well.

Documents To Go’s free version is still limited in its scope (because of course, they want you to buy the full version), but it does get an upgrade in 3.0. The free version now has the ability to view PowerPoint files, originally in payed only, but there’s a trade off: free now includes ads. These ads no longer show up once you’ve payed your way into the full version.

The full version of Documents To Go 3.0 includes Google Docs, which can be saved, edited, then saved back into Google Docs for “anywhere access,” or created brand new in DTG and saved up to the Google Docs cloud. DTG 3.0 has desktop synchronization, using a desktop application that provides Windows customers the ability to transfer files back and forth from their desktop to their Android device with USB. Users can select individual or multiple files and sync all updates made in either location.

The user interface has been updated in DTG 3.0, adding tools to browse and manage files, view, edit create, delete, rename, sort, filter, star, sync, backup, and send files from one centralized app. “Live Folders” are used to keep recently used and favorite files in a convenient easy to access location. PDF to Go now includes pinch-to-zoom, multi-touch, totate page, and more. Slideshow To Go has improved rendering and quality improvements, and Office 2007 password protected files are now supported.

All this fabulous functionality can be yours for $14.99 at If you’ve already purchased Documents To Go full version Key 2.0, you can recieve a free update to version 3 via an on device notification through the Android marketplace. The desktop application is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, and can be downloaded at (this is an exe file which will instantly download).