The next-gen Pixel 2 phones continue to impress the Android community in many ways. We’ve been focusing on its imaging power as we believe the fact that it’s number one on DxoMark with an almost perfect score. We’ve got our first impressions and review already and now curious how people will use the Pixel 2 and use it for their own purposes.

One of the smartphones major features is the Active Edge. While it’s not unique because HTC has the Edge Squeeze, the Pixel 2’s version is not as easy to remap, at least, if we are to test the limits of the feature. But as you know in Android, there is always a workaround for everything.

At first, we thought it would be difficult to remap the squeeze but thank heavens for genius developers who managed to offer quick solutions. The idea is to download an app that can remap any key on any mobile device. We know of the Button Mapper from before and it was recently updated for the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL to allow remapping of the squeeze function. The app is free to download.

Make sure the Active Edge is enabled on your phone before do the remapping. Enable the Accessibility Service on the Button Mapper. Check Buttons> Active Edge> then Customize.

Watch the video below for a demonstration by the developer:

VIA: XDA Developers