Motorola introduced the Skip wearable which allowed users to quickly and easily unlock their Moto X. And while the Skip is an official accessory from Motorola, there is now another alternative for Moto X users looking for a quick way to unlock their device. This latest is courtesy of Vivalnk and comes as a temporary tattoo.

The Digital Tattoo for Moto X is being touted as the “simplest” way to unlock your smartphone. These tattoos are waterproof and expected to last for roughly five days. Of course, Vivalnk did also specify that the wear time will vary with “skin type and activity level.” In other words, those planning to wear these on a day trip to the beach may be seeing less than the 5 days.

These tattoos are about the size of a dime, and will be able to offer an unlock radius of about 10mm. We aren’t exactly sure these will be the best option for long term use, however they do seem like they would be good for a party trick (or two). Vivalnk has these tattoos available for purchase in packs of 10, which ultimately means you’ll be getting up to 50 days of unlocking.

The tattoo packs are selling for $9.99 each. Or in other words, these temporary digital tattoos cost $1 each. So how about it — any Moto X users willing to wear a digital temporary tattoo that makes it feel like you are living in the future?


SOURCE: Vivalnk