It took them a while to catch on, but at least, finally, they have. Video sharing and viewing platform Vimeo has now finally added Chromecast support for its Android app. This means that you can cast or stream the videos that you want to watch on a bigger screen through Google’s casting dongle. This is great news not just for those who prefer watching their viral videos, music videos or short films through a larger screen, but also for those who create and distribute videos on this platform.

Way back in 2013 when Chromecast was first announced, there were already rumors that Vimeo will actually get support for it so you can cast those videos that you’ve always wanted to see on a bigger screen. But it didn’t pan out and other video apps soon beat them to the punch while it seems like the developers there took their sweet time. But, as they stated in their release notes, “better late than never,” as it finally has support for the service after two years or so.

While it plays second fiddle to YouTube, Vimeo still has a pretty huge database of videos and also around 30 million registered members. They also say that they get 200 million viewers to their site every day. They figured out a way to differentiate themselves from the other video sharing apps by focusing on creators who wanted to use their platform as a way to sell or rent out their works. YouTube is also looking at that kind of business model now, so we’ll see how it will affect Vimeo.

Aside from the addition of Chromecast support, the app update also brings about bug fixes and improvements. If you have Vimeo, update it already from the Google Play Store and enjoy casting.