Ah, New Year, a time when all gyms and fitness centers are at full capacity because of all those trying to lose the holiday weight or those who are starting their fitness resolutions right. But give or take a couple of weeks, we’ll start to see less and less people there as the daily grind (and laziness) starts getting in the way. But if you’re pretty serious about working out a certain number of times a week, then Google Calendar wants to help you out by making it easier for you to track your goals and see if you’re meeting them.

We already know about Goals in Google Calendar, which lets you help find time in your busy schedule for the things that you’re serious about to fit it into your life. When it comes to your fitness goals, you’re probably using a fitness tracking app to monitor your progress, but you would have to mark your goal done manually on Google Calendar. But now, you will be able to connect Google Fitness and Apple Health to your goals for a more seamless process of tracking. It will record your fitness activities in the other app and then automatically mark it done in your goals.

The update also brings a new visual performance tracker so you can easily see how you’re doing in just one glance. Goals will also automatically adjust the schedule based on when you’re most likely to complete your fitness activity. For example, if you set 630AM as your daily run every morning but in reality, you hit your stride at 715. Google Calendar will adjust your set time goal accordingly.

You can update your Google Calendar now and then connect Google Fitness already, to get you started properly on your 2017 fitness goals. Hopefully, they will add even more fitness apps later on.

SOURCE: Google