Sometimes, as much as you’d want to post live updates on Instagram Stories, you either forget to do so or you don’t have stable Internet connection to upload them. Of course, you can post them later on, but you’re limited to those in your gallery that are also 24-hours old. The latest update to the Instagram app is doing away with all that as you can now choose to add media to your Stories, even if they’ve been on your phone for the past few days.

Once you’ve updated your app to version 18, you will now be able to explore your camera roll when you’re choosing to upload either photos or videos on Instagram Stories. Just swipe up from your built-in camera or tap the gallery icon on the left and now you will see the other, older media that you have stored o your camera roll. They’re still on that scrolling gallery at the bottom of your screen but hopefully, soon there will be an update where you can see the gallery a bit more clearly.

When you choose one and tap on it, you’ll see a timestamp sticker if it’s more than 24 hours old. You always have the option to remove the sticker, but it was placed there so those who view your Stories will have a context as to when the picture or video was taken. You can also resize and rotate the timestamp if you want it to stay there on your story.

To see this newly added feature, you will have to update your Instagram to the latest version. They started rolling out yesterday so it might take a couple of days before it shows up for everyone.

VIA: SlashGear