If you’re tired of boring, mainstream smartphones and want to have a twist on your mobile device, then the new YotaPhone 2 might be right up your alley. The first YotaPhone captured the curiosity and imagination of the mobile world last year by slapping a power-saving always-on e-ink display on the back of the smartphone. Now this two-faced mobile device is back, this time with a sleeker physique and with a bit of touch sensitivity on the back side as well.

The proposition sounds almost too good to be true. On one side you have your regular colorful, full res, power-hungry AMOLED screen for your usual smartphone needs. On the back, you have a slightly more static display for things you want to always be visible at a glance, without consuming your battery like there’s no tomorrow. Maybe you can even use it for some light reading on the go. That is exactly what YotaPhone is offering, and YotaPhone 2 takes that idea one step further.

The 4.7-inch EPD display on the YotaPhone provides full touch controls, meaning it can be used just as you would a regular touchscreen screen, but perhaps with less sensitivity and less accuracy. But that doesn’t matter much for the use cases that Yota Devices is proposing, like receiving calls, checking email, or even replying to messages. All those require very minimal interactivity but they are the most common uses of a smartphone these days. For everything else, there is the 5.0-inch AMOLED display on the reverse side. Hit the YouTube below for the promo video that Yota Devices released last February.

The YotaPhone 2 also better designed than its predecessor, opting for more curved top and bottom edges than the straight hard edges of the first iteration. Website [email protected] was able to grab a few shots of the smartphone in action. Other than those, details of the YotaPhone 2’s hardware are quite scant. The company plans to unveil the device at a private event in London on December 3, so if you are interested in this smartphone wonder, that would be the date to mark on your calendar.

SOURCE: YotaPhone
VIA: [email protected]