It seems most users either love, or hate the recently released Yo app. The app is touted as being the “simplest and most efficient communication tool in the world.” Basically, the Yo app allows you to say yo. But more important for today are the recently confirmed security issues.

Yo founder Or Arbel has confirmed the app is experiencing some “security issues.” Arbel told TechCrunch that “some of the stuff has been fixed.” In addition, Arbel also confirmed they are still working on some issues and they “are taking this very seriously.” Simply put, if you have the Yo app installed — you may want to keep an eye out for an update notification.

Stepping back though. The issues were discovered by a few Georgia Tech students. The students mentioned how they have discovered how to get the phone number of any Yo user. They also mentioned how they texted the founder of the app, only to have him call back. Naturally, that just goes to show how Arbel is indeed taking this seriously and working to get everything fixed.

The other issue with the Yo app came in regards to spoofing. The students said they discovered a way to spoof Yo’s from any user and were able to send push notifications with any text they want. Anyway, Arbel didn’t say which of these items were still able to be exploited, though he does expect they will all be fixed within the “next few hours.”

SOURCE: TechCrunch