If you’re not familiar with Yik Yak, then chances are you’re not a college student or you don’t read news about all the latest apps (although it is not actually a new one, technically). But the social app, which lets you share information and status with your “herd” or the people in your location, is huge in campuses as it has become an anonymous message board. But now, it is giving its users the option to add a “handle”, which is almost the same as a username but not quite.

One of the things that people love about Yik Yak is that you are posting anonymously. But that can also be one of the things that is awful about it, since you can practically post anything you want and people wouldn’t know it was you (although people would know that you’re around the area of course since it is location-based). So even though Yik Yak is saying that the handles are there to express your creativity and to help your herd “feel closer and more connected”, it may also be a tool to stop people from harassing and abusing other users.

The important thing to note here though is that using a handle is optional. They are turned on by default, but you can toggle it to off for every time you reply or you post a yak. As to choosing your handle, of course you have to be creative and unique because no two handles can be the same, It is on a first come first served basis.


If you live in a college campus in the US, chances are, there is a herd near you, so if you haven’t yet, try downloading Yik Yak from the Google Play Store. Then spend a few minutes thinking about what would be the coolest handle you can use, if it’s not yet taken.