Xiaomi’s very own YI Technology group is aiming to rule the imaging industry by launching a new premium quality action camera. This comes after it delivered 4K 60fps video capabilities to the Erida Drone just before year 2016 ended. The tricopter-designed drone camera was recently unveiled at the CES 2017. It’s a 4K action camera that can be considered the most advanced yet today.

According to YI Technology, the 4K+ action camera is also a VR-grade camera that can capture 4K at 60fps. This is a follow-up to the Erida cam. If you think the YI 4K is good enough, try the 4K+ and see how technology can still be improved.

The YI 4K+ boasts of an Ambarella H2 SoC processor, Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) support for 4K/30fps, and premium outdoor audio technology. In the comings weeks or so, the device will also receive voice command, RAW image format, and live streaming. All these and more are said to fulfill the promise of “”professional-grade technology in a connected device” and as a “significant upgrade for VR camera solutions”.

As for the pricing, the YI 4K+ only costs less than US $350. Unit is said to be compatible with other YI 4K accessories like YI Handheld Gimbal 2, the original gimbal accessory, and waterproof housing.

SOURCE: YI Technology


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