Yelp has updated their Android app today, bringing in additional search and discovery features. We’ll now have the ability to utilize additional features to filter results, finding just the right place at the right time. There are additional toggles placed throughout, and increased visibility of reviews.

The search feature is the real winner here, as it provides increased parsing of info that might be needed. If you’re looking for a restuarant that has a kids’ menu at 10pm while on a roadtrip, Yelp will allow you to filter those results. Even things like finding which restaurants accept credit cards or deliver to you can be found right frm within the app, now.

The review discovery has long been a frustration for many who want to quickly check out what others have to say without diving in too deep. We recently gained the ability to post reviews from mobile, and the discovery of reviews is another key factor in getting the job done from a tablet or smartphone. We like the synopsis preview for reviews, as it gives a quick idea of whether or not the restaurant is worth a visit.

This gives Yelp a few features that continue to make it stand out from Google. Filters are the more useful nuance here, but review discovery is also really handy. Though Google is making a big push for restaurant reviews with their City Experts program, they still don’t have an app to properly handle search as well as Yelp does.