First up, we all got to learn what Hacker News is – that is, it is a news website that has social elements (a bit like Reddit) and usually caters to computer programmers, app developers, self-confessed hackers and information tech entrepreneurs. As the readership of this social network, quite inevitably a client like this new Yarn app will be created.

Hacker News – or just HN for those in the know – works around news article submission. Internet content that is submitted can be up-voted or not voted at all. Unlike other news submission sites, there is no “down vote” option in HN. From there, the community basically decides which content shows up on the front page of the site.


Yarn now makes it available for HN members to login via the client and basically check the social network on a client that oozes of Material Design aesthetic – the design language that makes Lollipop just way too cool, streamlined, and flat. Yarn allows for multiple account logins to HN, and it also allows users to submit content directly from the client app.

Some of the early users have warmed up to the sleek interface, although they have suggested that a paid version of the app would work if it took away the ads. The developer, Tim Mutton, has taken all of the comments in stride and has reached out to the users, saying that an ad-free version might just be in the horizon.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store