The Yandex browser is doing well in Russia. It now supports 3rd-party ad blocking. And of course, we won’t forget when it won an anti-trust complaint against Google over two years ago. An update is ready on the Play Store for Yandex. Hopefully, this will improve one’s mobile experience as it becomes a one-stop app destination full of information that is relevant to your needs.

If you need to see breaking news, weather forecast, and current traffic, you can just check Yandex because everything is there including TV listings, currency exchange rates, and movies to watch. If you want to check out a new recipe for your next dinner or party, just “Yandex” it. (Yes, it’s like the Russian Google.)

The app is available in three languages: Turkish, Ukranian, and Russian. There is no English so you have to make sure you know any of the languages mentioned. Aside from the weather forecast and current traffic, you can see the events happening in Russia and other countries, search for places near you on a map, search with your voice, do a predictive search, and watch videos of just about anything. Some people will find the built-in scanner for QR-codes useful as well.

This app follows the other platforms out there with the addition of an AI assistant. After Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and the Google Assistant, here’s Alice as an intelligent assistant for Yandex. We’re tempted to say that it’s the Russian Alexa (Alexa->Alice) but we know it’s different in many ways.

Download Yandex from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Yandex