So you’re a lover of Android, yes? You love it so much you’re willing to plaster your vehicle with it? We were glancing around Tumblr today and happened upon a lovely machine which can be tracked back to BikePics, a site that hosts… well.. pictures of bikes. Motorcycles most of the time, I’d say. This one’s a Yamaha R15 sharp as a tack 2009 model in black, and the owner (whom we assume is either sitting there on that Ratnagiri India beach or is behind the lens of the camera taking the photo.

Would you do this to your bike? It looks pretty neat from here, but is it high quality when you step up close? Make sure of that when you’re making your own. Customization of your vehicle, especially when you plan on making it an Android machine, needs to be top notch. Next step- customizing the insides with an actual Android OS computer. Doable?

Would you do this to your own machine?

[Via BikePics]



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