yahoo weather app

There are a lot of weather apps available but nothing is as stunning as Yahoo Weather. I’ve tried a number of related apps but I would always go back to Yahoo because of the beautiful images. The app recently received an update with animated effects like fog, heat, lighting, frost, rain, and snow. All you need to do is look at the app and you’ll immediately know the weather outside. No need to open the windows because you’ll know what’s going on outside just by looking at your screen.

The Yahoo Weather app provides hourly, 5-day, and 10-day forecasts. Yahoo is known to provide the most accurate forecasts. What’s interesting is that the app shows Flickr photos that match the time, current condition, and even your location. Snowing outside? You might see falling snowflakes. Rainy or stormy? You might see the sky-splitting lightning flash across the screen. It’s like looking outside the window with all the animated effects.

Other important weather information include pressure, chance of precipitation, and wind. On the app, you can also browse interactive maps that show snow, radar, heat, and satellite. As usual, you can add up up to 20 cities and then view weather info of each location simply by swiping left to right.

These animated effects first came to iOS8 last September but Android is finally getting them. Instead of just seeing the weather information, you’ll see accurate weather effects on the screen.

Download Yahoo Weather from the Google Play Store