No matter what side of the argument you are on, it’s very obvious that climate change and global warming wreaking all kinds of havoc on our weather. One moment it’s sunny, after a few minutes, torrential rain suddenly hits you. So sometimes it’s hard to plan what to wear, whether or not to bring your umbrella, to walk or ride a taxi, etc. That’s why it’s always prudent to check your preferred weather app, but sometimes it only gives you an hour’s or so warning. Yahoo Weather has updated its app and claims to give you “near-term weather alerts.”

The “intuitive weather app” will now be able to send you warnings 15 minutes before the rain is expected to fall or snow is estimated to start. That should give you supposedly enough time to grab an umbrella or a coat to prepare for the eventuality of the abrupt change in weather. Yahoo also claims that their app is now more accurate and reliant than ever.

Another new thing that this latest update brings is the ability to zoom in on microclimates, which means you can zoom to smaller areas if need be. As we all know, the weather in a certain big area isn’t always similar and may even be different on the next blog, again because of this thing called climate change.

You can update your app through its Google Play Store. There are a lot of other weather apps out there of course, but the near-term alerts makes Yahoo Weather something probably necessary to those who rely on the weather for work or for lifestyle decisions.