yahoo mail app travel event notifications

Yahoo regularly updates the Yahoo Mail app. The company silently announced the update in a Tumblr post. The app now comes with event and travel notifications so you won’t have to miss your next event or flight scheduled on your calendar.

Once you input your flight information, you will be notified if flight is on time on the “Today” section. With a single tap on the screen, you can also visit the website of the airline, call the airline directly to rebook if you have to, or get directions to the airport so you won’t get lost going there.

When you’ve landed at your destination, the Yahoo Mail app will show suggestions of where to go in the area. Pictures from Yelp and review of top attractions and restaurants will also be shown on your phone. If you’re going to a special event listed on Ticketmaster, Eventbrite, of Evite, you can view details and directions going to the venue so you’ll always be on time.

With the updated app, you can now also share your event and travel information with friends and family via text or email. You can tell them where and when you’re going so they’ll have an idea how long you’d be gone.

The new features make going to events or a new destination easier now because the information you want are shown right on time, exactly when you really need it.

Download the updated Yahoo Mail app from the Google Play Store