Yahoo, that search engine you used sometime back in the 90’s is apparently staying with the times and have just added an entirely new option to their search results. Updating and trying to stay relevant they’ve added an “Apps” tab right to their front page for search results. If you had a hard time finding apps before, this could be your solution.

All you really need to know is it will search and help you discover all things Android applications. Although they do support that other main competitor too — although WP7 seems to be missing. The new Apps portal went live this week giving users access to Android and iOS applications in an easy to use and navigate page. Complete with results, reviews, ratings, and even a gallery of large previews and more.

Users can browse Yahoo’s suggested apps or search and filter their results by operating system, price, and category to make things simple. The new portal only directs users to the actual Android Market so we don’t really have anything new here, just basically a page that will forward you to the already available market. However, they do add Yahoo reviews in with market reviews to give users a better selection to read from and help decide. Give it a try from the link below and let us know if it’s useful, or pointless.

Yahoo Apps

[via Android Central]