“We need a new messaging app that does everything we need a messaging app to do!”, said no one probably. We have a lot of apps to do that for us now, whether in a professional capacity or for personal use. But the folks over at Yahoo! (or Oath, to be more technical about it) believe that there’s still room for another one that will supposedly make organizing your chats easier. Yahoo Together is their new product but if you expect a Yahoo Messenger clone, this one is pretty different.

It might be more similar to work messaging apps like Slack or Rocket but it’s built more for personal use. You can create different groups like family, college friends, neighbors, or whatever classification you want for your group chats. Then within each group, you can create topics so that you won’t get lost in the various discussions. Let’s just hope that the people in the chat will follow the corresponding topics and conversations.

If there are specific topics that you don’t want to keep up with, you can just mute them instead of leaving and hurting someone’s feelings. Just like other messaging apps, you can share photos and videos in your chats. But they went one step further and have a shared library for each of your groups where you can attach any file and you can easily get back to it.

If you need to find a specific file or conversation, they said it should be easier because the app has a “powerful search” so you don’t have to specifically and painstakingly remember the date or the thread where it was posted. And if you have an appointment or activity or dinner with the people in the group, you’ll get a smart reminder if you added the schedule to the app.

A lot of these features can actually be found in messaging apps, especially the ones built for work. But if you like Yahoo apps and you want what it has to offer, you can download Yahoo Together from the Google Play Store for free.



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