Yahoo has just initiated a gradual change in its online services, requiring an actual Yahoo account instead of Facebook or Google credentials. This move might indicate a bigger strategy on Yahoo’s part to reclaim its lost territory on the Internet.

Although Yahoo still has its own account system, there came a point in time where it allowed new users to make use of its services without registering for a Yahoo account and utilize their existing Facebook and Google ID’s instead. The strategy might have worked to entice users to try out Yahoo’s offerings, but it might not be a wise long-term setup. Perhaps Yahoo has now gathered enough faithful followers to be confident enough to pull the plug on alternative logins.

The first to experience the new requirement is Yahoo Sports Tourney Pick’Em. The changes will be gradual, with other Yahoo services following suit slowly. No definite list has been released yet nor was a timeframe given. It is not inconceivable to see Yahoo services becoming exclusive to Yahoo account holders soon.

The official statement from Yahoo claims that the new process is inline with the company’s quest to improve its users’ experience and offer personalized content, which understandably, would be easier if Yahoo held all the reins. It remains to be seen, however, if this new requirement will not cause users to be turned off instead.

SOURCE: Reuters


  1. Great move! Facebook login policies destroyed forums like ESPN and USA Today. They are but a shell of their old personas.

  2. It was proving difficult for Yahoo to identify all the naked webcam pics it was capturing; requiring a Yahoo logon will make it much easier now.

  3. Hate Yahoo sooo much. Have a legacy account and Yahoo will not allow me to reset the password for it. I severed all ties to them and moved on. I suggest others do the same. Yahoo has no future and does not seem all that motivated to make one.


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