Bad news for Yahoo Aviate users: the app will no longer be updated or supported by March 8. “Wait, there’s an app called Aviate from Yahoo? Is it an app that teaches you how to fly planes or something?”, most of you are probably saying. But yes and no. It’s a third-party launcher app that was launched back in 2013 and that Yahoo bought a few months later. Now a few years later, they’re saying goodbye to it and its three users. Okay, maybe six users.

But seriously, the Yahoo Aviate Launcher will “no longer be supported” a month from now. This means you will no longer see new content, there will be no more updates, and you will no longer get support for any queries regarding the app. It also probably means it will no longer appear on the Google Play Store. You will probably still be able to use it as an app launcher but until when, that is the question, so might as well just look for a new launcher.

There was no reason given for why the app will be discontinued. Yahoo just said that their team will be “engaged on new and exciting projects” based on what they learned from Aviate and also the technology they were able to acquire and then use for the launcher.

Yahoo has had a bad reputation for eventually sinking apps that it has bought. While the original developers probably earned a lot (or at least something) from the acquisition, it’s still not a good thing that their launcher eventually got squashed. But in any case, there are a lot of better app launchers available out there, so no real tears for this one.