Sports lovers in the U.S. are probably super busy right now in following all the various happenings in their respective sports seasons ongoing now, like soccer, basketball, and American football. For those that are into the last one and are very much invested in their fantasy football league, Yahoo! wants to help you out to improve your standings by giving you the Blitz Bot. They say it will give you that “extra edge” in whatever league it is you’re trying to win.

The Blitz Bot is now available on the Yahoo Bots app so you wouldn’t need to go to your browser or various other apps in order to find out the latest news or the top statistics that you need to know in order to make the correct decisions for your fantasy football team. If you need help researching who are the players you would need to start or what’s the hot waiver wire add that you need to know, you just have to ask the bot and you’ll hopefully get the correct answer.

It is also directly connected to your Yahoo Sports fantasy football team, if that’s what you’re using. You can actually ask the bot to swap out your players or to buy players that are suddenly free agents. Basically, whatever football-related news and information is out there (or that which Yahoo! can detect), your bot should know and your bot can help you out with.

The Yahoo Bots app actually brings you more than just sports-related things. You also can connect you to Weather, Finance, News, and yes, even Monkey Pets lest you think it’s just all about serious stuff. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store and then get the Blitz Bot to work for you from within the app.

SOURCE: Yahoo!