Yahoo! Messenger and Mail and some really useful apps for Android, and today they have both been updated. Bringing in some enhancements seen in their iOS and PC-based counterparts Android is now up to speed with the rest of the companies offerings.

Being updated with some general much needed improvements both applications are now even more powerful. One of the bigger features mentioned in this update is that Yahoo! Messenger will now support video chat on the myTouch 4G and EVO 4G.

Note: Video is in Beta. It requires OS 2.2+ and Yahoo! Messenger Video Add-on. Support for MyTouch 4G & EVO with additional device support will come in the next few weeks.

Full breakdown of added features:

Yahoo! Messenger for Android:

  • Start Video Calling – Begin your video IM conversations on your PC and continue them from your Android, iPhone, or any Internet-enabled device.
  • Enhanced Photo & Video Sharing – Makes it easier to share photos & videos with friends.
  • Contact Sync – You can now access your Yahoo! Contacts from your device contacts app with ease, wherever you are in the operating system.

Yahoo! Mail for Android:

  • Multiple Accounts – Link multiple Yahoo! accounts in one app.
  • Enhanced Photo Viewing – View all the photos you’ve received and sent in a gallery view without having to dig through messages to find the attachments.

[Via Yahoo!]


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