Yahoo! Mail has been updated for Android. This update brings the app up to v2.5, but perhaps more important than a version number is what comes in terms of new features and changes. While the Yahoo! Mail app update brings a few items, the most important may be the tablet support.

Simply put, Yahoo! Mail for Android now has proper support for tablets. In addition to what Yahoo! describes as a “new” layout, tablet users will now also be able to access a new ‘reading mode’ which is said to help make reading your emails easier and an ‘advanced triage mode’ which is being described as a feature to help make managing your inbox quicker.

The changelog for this update also talks of “glorious” bug fixes, but unfortunately it doesn’t offer anything as to which bugs may have been taken care of. Or vice versa, which bugs may be remaining. There was also the addition of a new starred folder which means quicker access to important saved emails.

Otherwise, Yahoo! also makes mention of how they rethought the process of switching accounts. In regards to this, the changelog notes that you can now switch accounts via the sidebar menu. All said and done, we aren’t sure how many are using an Android tablet to check their Yahoo! Mail, but if you happen to fall into that category, this should be an update worth grabbing.

[via Yahoo! Mail Blog]