If you were alive and digitally connected during the late 90s, the Yahoo! home page and portal was probably one of the most important things for you as you could find almost everything you needed there during the early days of the internet. But as we all know, everything else evolved after that, except Yahoo! Now Verizon, the new owners of the former giant is bringing a new version of that classic home page in the form of a new Yahoo! mobile app.

Verizon, or more specifically, Oath, is launching the new Yahoo! mobile app which they’re branding as a “one-stop shop” that is both similar to and different from its original web portal. It can serve as a daily guide for the top news stories, local weather, stock quotes, and other information that you look for when you want to catch up with everything on the web. Or at least that’s what they’re hoping for.

Everything is of course personalized and localized as the app is a logged-in experiences and the things you will see on the app is based on your set preferences. You will also be able to engage in the content from other Yahoo! products. Well, if you still use products like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, etc. You can also use the app to still search for things in case you don’t want Google to have all of your data and information.

Another thing that they’re hoping users will find helpful is exclusive access to special offers from their partners like eBay and also daily shopping deals. They also have a Watch tab where videos across the Yahoo ecosystem are curated by their editors so you can find “the latest and most popular videos” (that are not on YouTube probably).

In case you were looking for a portal-like app reminiscent of the Yahoo of yesteryears but with a more current twist, then you might want to check out the app since it’s free after all. You can download it from the Google Play Store and then sign in using your Yahoo or non-Yahoo account.

SOURCE: Verizon


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