I used to think that texting won’t be further advanced but we’ve seen in recent months that it can still be enhanced. With the introduction of various instant messaging apps that work over WiFi or cellular Internet, mobile communication rapidly changed. Before, it’s okay to just have access to a cellular network to make a voice call or send text but now, 3G or 4G connection is very much a necessity.

Admit it or not, you want to be connected all day everyday simply because you want to communicate with family and friends. Staying connected is easier and more fun now as Yahoo introduces Livetext for Android. This app aims to bring more real conversations to mobile in the most natural way. Live text is unique in a sense that it allows live video texting. Show a video of something sans the sound and type your message.

yahoo livetext

Live texting is something new but it’s a fun way to connect with friends. Sure, video calls may be enough but audio can be a problem especially when you’re in a public place. When you want to share what’s happening at the moment, you can still do so even without sound. Take a video and just text.

Yahoo Livetext - Video Chat solo 2

Yahoo’s Livetext turns simple conversations into more memorable experiences. This is what Yahoo wants you and me to experience–a new way to communicate. With this innovation, we’re guessing other companies and instant messaging apps will soon follow. It may be weird at first but I’m pretty sure that people will get used to video-texting even when in public–while walking, riding a train, at a restaurant, or just about anywhere.

Download Yahoo Livetext – Video Chat from the Google Play Store