News of another Yahoo acquisition has surfaced this morning. This latest is a company called SkyPhrase and at this time, we are seeing confirmation coming by way of Yahoo and SkyPhrase. For those not familiar with the name, SkyPhrase is a company that has built natural language processing technology. And in the words of Yahoo, the technology is “amazing.”

While both parties have posted short messages, neither has revealed much in terms of specifics. For now, Yahoo has said SkyPhrase, which is a team of four, will be joining the Yahoo Labs team in New York. Otherwise, word coming from SkyPhrase talks only about how, with Yahoo, they found a company that shares their vision and also “delivers a rich collection of information and services to a massive user base.”

Further chatter from SkyPhrase mentions how they are going to continue working on “making computers deeply understand people’s natural language intentions” and about how they “can’t wait to take things to the next level together.” Basically, the positive sounding statements that we often see when acquisitions are announced.

The folks at TechCrunch are suggesting that Yahoo will put this technology to use to “advance fantasy sports.” That sounds like a possibility, however there is likely more going on here. It seems SkyPhrase will have more to offer Yahoo and while this isn’t anything specific to Android, this is technology that sounds like it could find a good home in the mobile world.

SOURCE: Yahoo Labs, SkyPhrase