We never really cared about Yahoo Answers because we know we won’t get any significant answers. However, we admit to reading it sometimes just for fun. You’d be surprised at how hilarious some answers are. The community has been around for over a decade now but it hasn’t reached the Android platform yet–not until today when Yahoo has officially launched a standalone app for it.

The Yahoo Answers Now is a new app that let’s you ask a question and get answers. As much as possible, you should be asking legit and serious questions but we all know that some really silly questions still get through.

The app lets you get a match for your question so you can get earlier answers from top responders. Yahoo checks those qualified responders first to see if they have knowledge and experience on a particular subject. The app also allows you to follow certain profiles that you know always give quality answers.

Yahoo News is also getting more social as you can now say “thank you” and use emoji to show your appreciation. You can also be notified if someone has replied to your query. To make answers more complete, feel free to add links and images.

Yahoo is still in the process of improving the app experience so feel free to send your feedback.

Download Yahoo Answers Now from the Google Play Store




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